Sunday, September 28, 2008

why i'm still 19

i'm still the girl who lights up and cant stop smiling when that phone call comes in. i want to hold that hand and walk through the city's nights because i know what it is like to be on m.g. road at 12 in the night, while listening to good music with a cup of coffee. i want this knot inside me to go away. i want that story in which a boy and a girl sit on the steps and talk softly every now and then. she notices the nails on his hands, he wonders about the way her neck curves and every small detail is new. while time goes by and it doesn't matter.

i'm a fool for fiction...

Friday, September 26, 2008


i figured the reason i stopped writing was because it was all too... well. law students can get that way. i spent most of today reading the blogs of fellow law students who, with me, have now become lawyers. depressing, since the subject matter of most entries by every single one of these people in the past few months has been - you guessed it - work. if i quit the industry in the next few years to become a fulltime flower child, the reason will be quite simple - claustrophobia.

with two out of four limbs in a cast, i suddenly have the urge to paint, go back to flute classes and dance. i would also like to cook and bake cookies like i used to a few months ago. i'm one of those people who feels the need, every few months, to break out of life as it has been thusfar. its that time again. which also explains the blogging.