Saturday, January 13, 2007

its easy to disappear people.

first, a human being becomes something to be disposed off as soon as possible, a reason for comfort food, something that occupied space, time and thought till just a while ago.

a life then becomes a lifetime - a collection of things, memories, spaces. a creature of the past.

so, youve left behind these crumbs of you, like links to a broken anklet. handprints made in red ink and intentionally on bedroom walls; in ketchup and unintentionally in that corner of the kitchen. the scent of your breath on someone's skin. the way you sat on the edge of the couch and smiled last time we met. the conversations. may be even the bitterness and disgust someone felt for you.

and then the signs go away. fresh paint, new books, more albums, different homes, new words and more people replace everything. the bitterness may linger a while, but it too will be gone soon enough. what then?