Sunday, September 17, 2006


Hold an illusion
up, to the light,
between fingers.

like steam rising
from the rim
of a coffee cup
from long ago.

The wings of a dragonfly
waiting to be let go.
it won't
be free
would'nt fly much far
broken, meant
to be broken someday.
fragile. like
the illusion you held on to.

Did you laugh just now?
When the ashes became dust
like that cigarette
you left to burn out.
so carelessly, unfelt.

Did you laugh just now?
or am I faking a memory?
tracing a new illusion
in spilt wine
to hold on to.
Did I laugh
just now?


thirteen step backwards
into that square room
no walls, one window
Last time i looked out,
Framed in flaming
orange curtains, The sky
was the exact shade
of midnight blue.


When i tore up my wings
to make soft pillows;
sewed satin pillow cases
pricked my fingers sewing,
stained blood red, remember?

I'd like to keep the stains
but please return that moment
Unmake the pillows.
I was never meant to walk
make me fly again.
In the bargain, you can keep
the footprints.

the streets and the dust
stay mine though.

And while we're trading,
I'd like to exchange a reticence
for one naked laughter please.